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Defending an adverse possession. Neighbor put up ...

Defending an adverse possession.  Neighbor put up a carport on parents' real estate property with their permission because the house was inhabited periodically.  He used carport frequently in order to give the house an appearance of occupancy.  One parent died and the other moved out of town, again requesting that the neighbor continue to use property in exchange for reporting suspicious activity and picking up mail, etc.  This parent died and permission was granted neighbor to "look out for property." 

Now that renovations are planned to prepare for renting property.  Neighbor is asking if he may continue to park on property with new renters and if not he stated that he will sue for adverse possession in the state of South Carolina.  What legal defense in the state of South Carolina, is available to the heirs?

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There can not be adverse possession if permission had been given.  This permission can be revolked by written notice.  Also give the party the right to remove the car port or work out agreement to remove your self.

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