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What is the answer to an adult male child who is verbally and emotionally abusive to his senior mother who now finds himself powerful enough to steal from her a lot of money and the final straw which ...

Eileen, I'm sorry you're in this situation.  In addition to the good advise Caitybug gave you, you might think of going a bit farther,  If there's physical abuse, call 911 and let the cops deal with him.  If he's stealing from you, another reason for police involvement.  If you can do it, get an order of protection, which will not allow him in your house or near you.  Eileen, you seem like a very loving, caring mother, but unfortunately we can't tell what kind of adults our children will turn out to be.  He may have medical issues like Caitybug said, but if he won't cooperate with the professionals, you still have to protect yourself from the abuse, before something bad happens.  Tough love.  I hope you're able to resolve this issue, I know it must be terrible for you.  Please accept my sincere wishes and hopes that you can live a normal life.  I'll be thinking about you.



***Coimhéad fearg fhear na foighde (Beware of the anger of a patient man) ***Maireann croí éadrom i bhfad (A light heart lives longest) ***Ná glac pioc comhairle gan comhairle ban (Never take advice without a woman's guidance) ***Sláinte chugat (Good health to you) ***Éirinn go Brách (Ireland forever!)
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