She was released in 2010. I was in prison with her, and spoke with her and her family often. But I am sorry to say that Adrienne was not very remorseful in my opinion. She often expressed anger about the 5 years she had to serve and in her mind was wronged for having to serve this time. She felt as though her actions were justified somehow, although it seems they were out of anger. And she also was convicted in first offenders meaning that not employment will know about her crime.

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Unfortunately she got away with murder! While watching the episode of snapped I could clearly see she was spoiled and this crime occurred out of pure anger! But remember this karma is a MF. Her day will come. With these types of actions she can't packed them away for them never to return. I would bet my entire bank account that in the future she will be in another incident! As soon as she's told NO again! She might have gotten away for right now but she hasn't gotten away with it in Gods eyes. I hope each night she closes her eyes his face is last she sees!


Exactly, can't wait for that day of karma.  Poor Shawn Washington.  Who is standing up for him?  In every article it is just about her or how she feels.  The lawyer that defended her even said he would be proud to have her work in his office after law school.  He should be the first person she takes her rage out on when she eventually goes berserk again.  I am even mad at his parents.  They seem clueless saying they knew it was an accident and they don't hold any anger towards her.  Again, who is standing up for Shawn.  Thank God he had an intelligent brother to realize she was not all that she professed to be.


I believe this was a destructive relationship on a number of counts....two young people who had no business being together..Shaun was no angel, and Adrienne was out of her league dating a drug dealer. With aspirations to become an atty? Seriously? Leave the bad boys alone young ladies....there just isn't enough love that you can give them...the outcome's not going to be good. That's why Shaun's family was so willing to forgive and forget. And I'm sure Adrienne's parents know that she's 'throwed'...they think money will fix Adrienne...but they are only 'financing' her emotional instability...this isn't the last heartbreak her parents will have to deal with ... Adrienne's committed the last taboo and took a life...there's no coming back from that unless she repents and commits her life to Christ. That's the final verdict for ALL of us!!

Leisa Kaye

I think that they both were promising young people at one time, but Shawn left college and followed Adrienne to Atlanta from their alma mater TSU. He had no career aspirations, so he got into the drug trade and turned into a more aggressive and violent person. His death is a tragedy, but I whole heartedly believe that she was defending herself at all costs and unfortunately the end result was that one of them was going to die that day and she prevailed. Her being spoiled may have contributed to some of the tension in their relationship as far as her wanting things her way all of the time and with his aggressive temper this was a tragedy waiting to happen. I'm happy that she can go on with her life and I'm also sad that she was put in a situation to defend herself and took his life. I pray that she has repented, asked God for forgiveness, forgiven herself and follows her dreams. God Bless Shawn's soul and may he rest in peace and bless the entire Washington and Hickson families. 


I would buy you all's contention that she was defending herself if (1) she was not in his apartment, and (2) if he didn't go back into his apt to get her to leave, because he didn't want her in his apt when he was not there.

Anytime a woman kills her man, she has no other choice but to paint an image of him as an abuser, a drug addict, whatever, because that is the best chance she has of getting off. Her lies would be believable if there would have been complaints filed on her behalf regarding his alleged abuse.

She's free now, but the universe show's no favorites. She can't understand what she did was egregiously wrong, but at some point of her evolution she will, and it will be a situation where she loses her life in a very similar fashion. That's how Karma works and that is how the universe teaches us. It may not occur in this life but it will definitely happen, especially if she cannot comprehend what she has done and why one should NEVER take another life.



Just watched the last part of the program, she was released in 2010. Two years after her release (2012) she can apply to be removed from probation (which I'm sure she has done since it's now June 2013), then she can apply to be re-admitted to law school to continue to pursue her career as a "criminal defense attorney" ... all I can say is WOW!


The only I can say I hope she ask God for,forgiveness because he knows her heart. At the end of the day she has to answer for her wrong doings. The only person that knows what happen in that apartment is Adrienne & Shawn. My message for her is everything not going to always go your way and she should have left prior to Shawn she was in an abusive relationship so things were just a build up and Shawn was not that bad because she was still there.

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