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Should I add girlfriend or not?

My girlfriend has fairly bad credit. I on the other hand a bit of good credit. I would like to add her name on some of my credit cards. Will this hurt my credit. It can probably help her. Trying to speed up her better credit process instead of paying on time month by month. Any answers?

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 Adding anyone's name to your credit cards is a very very bad idea. There can be too many problems down the road. DONT DO IT.

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jospehdallas, My question to you is: Are you nuts, or what? How do you think your pretty lady got her bad credit in the first place? By using credit cards and not paying them on time. If she ruined her credit, she can ruin yours also. Do NOT put anyone on your cards with you. You are looking for trouble dear, and in all the right places.

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I think that you wanting to help her like that is admirable. If you love her and trust her then you will really be assisting her future by doing that for her.

On the other hand, there is the possibility that it could affect your credit score negatively. You would need to speak to your credit card provider and see what they have to say about that. If they say that it will not affect you, then you need to decide whether or not you are willing to take on that responsibility.

People do make mistakes, and run up bad credit scores, especially when they are young. This doesn't mean that now (if she has a job, and is paying other bills responsibly) that she will let you down. It also depends on whether you are going to be paying off the credit cards on your own, whether her name is just going to be there to improve her record, or whether she will also be spending on them.

If she is also going to be spending on the cards, then she should definitely help you pay monthly. Working, spending on the credit cards for necessary purchases, and then paying towards them monthly will also teach her good, responsible habits.

The rest is up to you and your judgement of her. Always keep in mind that no matter how in love you are, some relationships don't last forever, what will happen if you have an ugly, messy break up?

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