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What to add to old foundation makeup so it's not dry

what to add to old foundation makeup so it's not dry

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Apply primer before foundation.

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I am a retired makeup artist and can understand why you would want to do this.....HOWEVER, it's really better not to add anything, or to use it at all, especially if it's dried up!!

No matter what you would add to make it more 'useable', it would do something to the original composition of the product; thus it would not apply as evenly, give the same coverage as it did when it was new, etc...

So my advice would be to just throw it out.....period......You have to remember there is such a thing as 'false economy'......I for one am VERY frugal so can understand your wanting to do this......  But, trust me, it just is not worth it....you will be changing the product for the worse......so throw it out and get yourself a nice, new, fresh bottle......!!!!!

If you have any  further questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me here!!!!!!!!!!  am always glad to help!!!



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