Adam Smith Woman Abuser Liberal Hero

'Rachel, I am so very sorry for the way I spoke to you on Wednesday,' said Smith in his video which has been viewed over 300 times.

'You handled my frustrating rant with such dignity and composure. 

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Rachel, I am so very sorry that your white trash ass has to work at the drive-up window at Bigots-R-Us.

Do not far right racist extremist teabagger men in their wife beater t-shirts smash around their trailer park woman every day.

I wouldn't know, old man. You're  the one that seems to know all about inbreeding( or inbreading as you call it ) trailers, trailer tires, trucks will wheels off of them and the complete Taco Bell menu. Why ask?  What a dip shit.

I see it in the movies. When ever they want to portray a loser they make him out to be an uneducated racist right wing extremist who lives in a cabin in the woods or a trailer park.

My post has spelled inbreeding correctly. Your posts has it misspelled fool.

Typical liberal, couldn't be honest about anything. Make sure you run back and fix your post again asshole. What does Your posts has it misspelled fool.

Did you mean, Your posts has it misspelled, fool.

Stupid moron, on my post inbreed is spelled correctly. On yours it is not FOOL. 

Comma man, nobody cares except your ugly fat gay ass. If you had enough brains to read the (inbreading) post you would have seen that it was spelled wrong to mock your original post before you edited it. Admit it, dork, you had your spell check off and were lost. Lost just like you are everyday after being thrown out of the house by your wife after she caught you wearing her clothes. You're down to living in one room, welfare, part time job at taco bell and cyber sex/wacking off. Bottom line= you're still the biggest jerkoff online, right POS?


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