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Doesn't AD refer to Christ death not the time of His birth so why don't use AB after birth instead

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Anno Domini

That's Latin. It has nothing to do with the death of Yeshua.


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Latin for The Year Of Our Lord - used in the Gregorian Calendar to refer to the current era. A date such as 1945 A.D. literally means 'the 1945th year of our lord', the lord in question being Jesus Christ, providing a religious context and clearly distinguishing the time from an earlier era, where B.C is used instead. The use of A.D. was popularised by Bede.

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I've always heard that when Anno Domini was the term used,  people were only  interested in dates after Christ and Latin was in.  Only much later, when history became more organized and acceptable as a subject of study, did the need arise for earlier dates. By then, Latin was out and English was more widespread.

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A.D. designates the turning point of history. God incarnated in human flesh.

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A. D. is actually referring to the date of the conception or birth of Christ. It has nothing with the death. He died in 33 AD.

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No; it means A nno D omini, a Latin phrase that translates "the year of the Lord," hence you will often hear or see it as A.D. followed by the number of years since the birth of Christ.  There is some controversy as to the exact date of His birth due to the lack of accurate records and some calendar changes during the past two thousand years, but that's another question.Wink

because it comes from latin anno dominy (please excuse my spelling)

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