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Under active thyroid and difficult weight loss

i have an under active thyroid and have been on meds for a year.... my dosage is right and im at the 'normal' range... problem is im finidin it really hard to lose weight, i can get down to 14.5 but then i stick and no matter what i do i cant get past it - any ideas?

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Hi Jenna, I would normally give some advice on how to lose weight, however, I have Over active Thyroids and I am over 20lbs underweight.....no matter how much food I intake.  I am like you and stuck at my low weight and get so frustrated with people thinking that i have an eating disorder.  I have 4 kids and still am a size 0.  I do wish you all of the best of being able to lose your weight so that you feel comfortable with your body.  I can totally relate in a somewhat opposit end of the spectrum.  Best of luck to you as you may never lose those lbs. due to condition we have.  Never quit trying though!!!!!!  Oh, and dr.s are trained in weight loss also........perhaps ask him/her for a safe and effective method.  Do to our health conditions, fad diets can be very dangerous to out thyroids......plz keep that in mind.

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