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I've never spent more on line time than I have trying to figure this one out.  Your question here is the only reference to such an event outside references to the film you mention.

I've come up with an answer based on imaginative thinking; posted here perhaps someone can straighten me out, but here goes:

Bo Svenson has been called the most bankable name associated with the cast and it seems he signed on for an easy pay day.  It's anybody's guess whether the approximately 30 seconds total screen time he puts in here added to the the credibility of the script, as it comprised not much more than showing up and committing suicide, apart from voicing how difficult it is to raise a child you might want as a neighbor.

This may have been his role as conceived, or could have been a shooting accomodation to allow him to move on to other things.

Anyone who knows better, please weigh in.



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