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Accu-trim beads

Does anyone know anything about the accu-trim beads, needleless form of accupuncture?

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never heard of them but I heard acupunctures are effective in getting Weight Loss .

i am now on my 2nd day, i'll update my answer after 5 more days. i really don't limit my eating habits, i wanna try how effective this kind of method/product. anyways nothing to loose bec. of the money back guarantee.

What information do you have on Accu-trim Bead

Try diet rootbeer mug taste the best better than diet dr pepper

I really need to find out more info before I put my money into this product. In other words does it really work and is the company legit I have'nt been able to find anything on them

Just wondering if it works?  i did a bead diet but there were sever diet restrictions.  This says no dieting so i am curious.

Yes I would love to answer the question: Does Accu-trim beads work...NO

I reacherched information online regarding accupuncture both invasive(needles)

and non-invasive, using beads and other such devices,the studies I read stated that accupuncture had been helpful to people suffering  from various health issues from

obesity to cancer to smoking censation. After all this research  I purchased the beads tried them as directed for 2 weeks . I did not lose one pound not one.

After cotacting the company for a refund, I was told  it would take minimun 2 weeks to ge my money back, the flyer states that if want your money back call them and your refund will be processed within 24 hrs, not so unfortunately.

I contacted the BBB to have them investigated and I filed a complaint, for False advertising. People are desperate , I think people create fake business to make a dollar, they do a little research on the internet then go from there, do a mass mailing then if they can get a few desperate people to buy into their plan they have made some quick money. Like many of you have said , good nutrition ,exercise, and adequet rest along with some patience will yield results, also see your doctor to rule out any health problems before starting any diets.

Oh well I hope I get my money refunded, take heed do not fall for this one

                                        IT DOES NOT WORK.

                                           Roxann T

Thank you so much for the feedback, after I posted this I called the company spoke with some woman and she assured me that the product was legit, I even googled the address while I was on the phone with her and there is businesses there but I did not actually see that one although she did tell me the surrounding companies. I told her this was toooooooo good to be true and I would have to think about it some more. So bottom line........ I have'nt purchased it and I don't think I will

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