According to Macchiavelli . . ..

According to Macchiavelli, "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

According to Macchiavelli . . ..

According to Macchiavelli . . .. Overview of the index of perception of corruption, 2010.      9–10      6–6.9      3–3.9      8–8.9      5–5.9      2–2.9      7–7.9      4–4.9      1–1.9      No Information


Above, we see one of the most discouraging maps ever made.  Areas in red are ranked the worst for sheer political corruption, in blue, the least corrupt.  America was downgraded from its dark blue status as of early 2010 when the conduct of the Obama administration became public.

In a corrupt society, those who are habitually corrupt will always support corrupt officials.  Of course, the absolute worst corruption on the planet occurs in leftist and Muslim countries, where there is no such thing as fairness or decency.

How do you feel, now that you see objectively that our nation has been corrupted by a corrupt administration since 2009, and how difficult it will be to correct it?


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Sorry but it has been corrupt for over 3 decades so 2009 hardly counts. 

Nixon said " I am not a crook" but the comedy channel was not available yet.

Rocmike I see you are trying not to use Atheists in every post under your Suffolk, Rick Barnett and Melvin alias but you are having trouble posting non stop when you are not repeating the same crap over and over. So you are using Atheist more under your Melvin alias. You can can only hold out so long because blogging is all you have in your life. You did throw in your other words also in your posts, leftist, racist, Muslims, Hitler and Jeremiah Wright. Keep trying fool.

Most people ignore corruption in the courts.  That's like ignoring the biggest bully in the school.  The bastion of "truth" has become a den of thieves and liars.  Here's how:  under the policy of "alternative defenses", lawyers were given the go-ahead to lie in their pleadings.  No longer is one cogent defense a lawyer has changed to the shotgun approach of throwing out conflicting and misleading pleadings that usually meet the definition of perjury.  If you don't like defence is defense two, three, four and five. Just ignore that for one to be true...three four and five are false.

Only the victim suffers by taking otherwise simple cases and makes them complicated.  You pay for time and addressing each "alternative defense" takes time, driving your costs for your own attorney up...significantly.

Worse yet about this... is how it has opened the floodgates to JUDGE corruption, via kickbacks and political favors amongst a class that has virtually NO oversight.  They are free to use "fact" from one defense, co-mingle with "fact" from two three and four, ad in a legal citation from five and wallah...a ruling that is almost unrecognizable from the original complaint, misrepresents both the case and the "facts".  It's modern day black robe thievery...the most damaging form of bullying that all citizens are learning is OK.  If the Judge can lie and steal...

The author seems to be looking for a way to blame the current President for the ills of the US...but they are as old as the FED's 100 year old debt money system and as deep as the lieing court judge (who has no liability or accountability for defrauding his own court). 


Toby Seilor, far be it from me to spare the legal profession.  If ever fiction writers had their heyday it was preparing legal briefs.  I would much rather write novels: at least with a novel we explore a problem and not put peoples' lives, reputation, and fortune on the line.

However, our current government is truly the most corrupt in our nation's history. Gladhanding, favoritism, political infighting, and prejudice now rule the court system, where these evils were unheard of before Obama. 

Clinton was corrupt, as was Carter, but Obama has shown us the worst example ever.  Merely because all of his followers scream racist at everyone who does not hate America with the same blistering passion as Obama followers does not justify their brainwashed bitterness.

I am not the only one who is fed up with Obama's abuses of office, the hysterical madhouse bitterness of his people, or their compulsive disloyalty to the nation.  If America fails it will be because Democrats engineered it.

What you do today will be on your conscience tomorrow -- and for the rest of your existence.

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