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What to do for accidental ingestion of rubbing alcohol?

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It depends on how much you ingested. A little shouldn't hurt but could make you sick for awhile.. more than a cup you should go to the emergency room and get a clean slate (or have it pumped out).. Rubbing alcohol is basically akin to clear liquor but it's got some ingredients that could harm some people. A check-up would be wise.

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askmann is correct inasmuch as you should seek medical attention for ingestion of anything over a cup in the adult.


While ethanol undergoes metabolic breakdown to form acetaldehyde as an intermediate, isopropanol, because of the extra methyl group on the -OH bearing carbon, is broken down into acetone, which is quite toxic. No one I know of willingly drinks fingernail polish remover.


Here is a site with TMI- http://www.inchem.org/documents/pims/chemical/pim290.htm

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