What is the use of AcaiMax Acai Berry Supplement?

what is the use of AcaiMax Acai Berry Supplement.

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Dont believe to mystery names that factories put on their products. They are all commercial names. The essence of acai is lots of vitamin c. No more no less. And c means a potent antioxidant among others its virtues and uses in our body. More than 300! So u can as well take tablets of vitamin c,of a good brand. And 1500 mg of it at least,to over 2000,which is 2 grams,depends on the mass of yr body and yr lifestyle. Find and read about antioxidants. They are life saver. Cos we all finally die from free radicals that antioxidants fight. They are in almost all plants,and in no animal foods. Not even fish. Except fro vitamin e which is too a potent antioxidant. Otherszink a beta caroten,selenium zinc and some other hundreds of known and unknown antioxidants,all in plants. The more coloured and of a deeper hue of colur is a plant,the more potent is its antioxidant. So most good nutritionists advise us to take on daily basis fish oils for ometa 3 fat acisd,or even better to eati fish every day,a multi vitamin-mineral tablet or pill,vitamin c and a pill of other antioxidants. This is the minimum of health protection for everybody. Start doing this. And eat less. And eat better foods. And move more. Ill repeat. A tablet of multi vitmin a tablet of vitamin c which is actually taken at least twice a day cos its kept in our organism to the most 12 hours so its better u take it theree times a day,a 500 mg each time,omega 3 essential fat acids or fish,the smaller the fish the better for less mercury in it,and a tablet of all other antioxidants. And eat as much as u can fruits and vegetables,and all coloured plants. Balck and red beans are better than white. Corn is good too. But no starces in the form of white flour. Only brown bread,from rye and barley and not from wheat. And otats too. They are the best grains. All with their skin. Sweet potatoes are much better than the usual ones,and even better cooked on oven with their skin,and eaten with the skin. U can find it all on internet if u want to be healthy. Walk at least one hour daily,brisk walk. Swim. Use bycicle. Dont smoke. No drugs. No alcohol. U know it all. Be slim. And think possitive in spite of all odds of life. Be optimistic. And laugh. At yrslef first,and then at others too. People are little jerks. U know it. Bad little jerks...

There's no god and u know it!!!

ACAIMAX is really good and helps to Improve your weight loss, Boost your metabolism, Increase your energy levels. http://www.chemistdirect.co.uk/acaimax-pure-high-strength-acai-berry_1_178219.html

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