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My husband and I have been separated for about 8 months and has always been phyically and emoinally abusive to when since I got pregnant with our first child. A few weeks ago we talked on the phone and he threatend to come kill with a gun. What do I need to do? He is currently at Fort Sam Houston,Tx. Thank you,Heather McIntyre

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You might try contacting his commanding officer or the base chaplain for help.

Additionally, here is a link to a domestic abuse prevention hotline; they should be able to give you some assistance and/or point you towards resources which address your particular situation.


Finally, if you feel you and your child are in physical danger you might consider filing a Restraining Order against your husband.

A Restraining Order is not a guarantee that your husband will be unable to harm you, but it does give you a measure of legal protection against him and his threats and allows the police to arrest him or remove him for violating the Order.

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Ah, Little Sister . . . your story tears me up! Along ith jkgrandma's input is mine....

Get ahold of adult and child protection services in your area. You are an empowered individual and a mother. Serve OUR Childre, love yourself and call the cops on this psuedo protector of the land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Follow your Gut on this one. Get all the help possble--It's OUT THERE FOR YOUR CHILDREN and You.



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There are several things about him that would help in answering your very very important question.  One is his combat history over the last eight years.  The other is does he have a personal history of being abused by his own parents.  These are, in my opinion, questions you need to answer to whomever if you decide to follow my suggestions below.

You need to immediately contact His commander at Fort San Houston, TX.  Tell him what your husband said and ask him to put you in thouch with the camp pyschiatrist.  Your husband needs immediate attention and help.  He could be experiencing post combat syndrom much like post partum after child birth.  You may remember some of those anxieties yourself.

My reason for immediate action is, of course, his threat to you but also, that threat may be his way of telling everyone he is ready to commit suicide.  The aremed services are currently dealing with a high degree of suicide so the pyschiatrist will know how to deal with your husband.

In the interim, you also need to alert your local police department so that they can respond as quickly as possible if you need them plus knowing what they are about to be dealing with.  They will give you a phone number for you to put in the quick dial on your land line and cell phone.

My prayers will also be with you, Dave Sweeney

first let me tell u that u need to go to the police get a restraning order and go do some defencive trainning to protect urself against him. or at least go to a family member for help.

Put a recording device on your phone and record every call.  Delete the ones that are not from him.  From there bring these recordings to the police and get a restraining order.  Even if he comes up to you and does nothing, he will still be breaking the law and either have to go to jail or court.  Without protection legally you could be at risk.  If you meet requirements you could request for them to waive your filing fee.

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