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If Obama told you fools today that shit was good to eat, you would all be packing turd sandwiches by tomorrow. FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to America , where the rightwing propaganda machine makes the KGB look like boy scouts . You need to understand rightwing brainwashed dolts like the OP who never have a thoughtful thought in mind and are always quick to attack those who support them , defend them even while said dolts are quick to call for the abolishment of the U.S government because according to them the rich tax creators are taxed too much . The teabaggers , as they chose to be called , seem hellbent on sending whatever's left of our democracy over the cliff just because they can't satnd to see ablacl man sitting in the WH. Don't expect the teabagger rebels to to debate you on policy , ideas or solutions .The teabaggers are loyal party people even though the party they claim stands for their values sneers at them and thinks as them as nothing more then the next wage slave earners in the new capitalist world .

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Looks like we have to add another Rocmike alias to the list,

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