Can you abort a baby at 8 months ?

My friend and his wife are expecting a son next month but now she doesn't want it anymore. At first she was excited but then something had happen and now she doesn't want it. She's afraid of loosing her child or someone hurting it. I don't know anyone in their family who will hurt the child but she's just afraid. They've beem married for almost 13 years this is their first child. She wants an abortion really bad . Is there away she can get one ?  She's 33 years old.

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No, they call it murder at that point.

Why are you so involved in their business? No doctor or clinic is going to terminate a late-term pregnancy simply because the expectant mother doesn't want the baby any more. If the fetus were to die in utero, then her doctors would probably consider removing the fetus, but that would not be considered an abortion due to the baby's death.

If the couple decides, together, that they do not want to keep their baby and raise it, then they should contact a reputable agency to place the baby for adoption. Under no circumstances should you be a part of their decision. In fact, you shouldn't even be a part of any of their discussions about this subject; or of any other subject that's pertinent to their marriage.

Find some single friends to hang out with and leave this man and his wife alone.

Somthing is seriously wrong with you wanting to find the answer to this (whether it is for them or actually you). You or this soon to be mom needs help. I can't believe this question is on here.  Babies are a blessing.

A yes, the BBQ is almost done... Few minutes more until well-done. Oops! You want it to be back to the way it was before. Like how they want this baby to be back being nothing.  What is wrong with you people?!

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