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Where can I get a 9 round Magazine for a Taurus PT709 Slim 9mm have extended Magazines?

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Sorry but after MUCH research and phone calls YOU CAN'T GET THEM!!!  According Taurus ,"there are no 9 round mags on the drawing board".  I have contacted 3 different popular aftermarket manufacturers and none of them have plans to make any  "in the foreseeable future".

I found a PT709 advertised in Galleryofguns.com with 9-round magazines but when I contacted them the item "was not in current inventory".

For a while the Taurususa.com site showed them available but I went there the other day to show my friend and guess what?..............They AIN'T there anymore!!!!

I have looked so much that the words "9 round magazine for PT709" is about burned into my search  bar............But I'm still looking.....AS IT SEEMS THAT A BUNCH OF  YOU FOLKS OUT THERE ARE DOING ALSO.   WONDER IT ANYONE WILL TAKE THE HINT THAT THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED?

From comments I get, a major selling point for the 709 Slim was the option of the 9 round mag. Taurus got my money then I just got on the bus with a bunch of you folks that did the same thing.

I love the gun, over 400 rounds, several brands and bullet weights and types with NO hiccups.  Two tips:  when cleaning be sure to remove all lubricants, solvents, etc from the chamber and ramp.  This stuff can cause drag which will cause failure to eject problems due to hangup of shell in chamber, put that puppy together with a clean and totally dry chamber, and holding with firm grip when shooting will allow the recoil action to properly jack the slide all the way back which will flip the empty casing completely clear without causing it to hang up in the action. Firm grip willl also help on the natural torque that causes some of us to hit low and left.  (Most of the time It ain't the gun's fault)

I'm still lookin fer 9 roung mags

Safe shooting to all and all a good grip.



Go to Google and put in Taurus Firearms PT709 extended magazine,and bingo you will be taken to their website.The extended magazine only adds 2 additional rounds(9) but you can still keep 1 in the tube for a total of 10 rounds.I hope that helped...

no help.  it you can really find a site then post the link.

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