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Determine wich order pair(s) is a solution to the ...

Determine wich order pair(s) is a solution to the inequality.

1.  y < x - 1          A. (2, -3)    B.(-1, -2)   C. (4, -1)   D(0, -2)

please explain what I am suppose to do, so I can show my son.

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y<x-1    plug in the numbers from the (x,y).....< means less than.....>means greater than

-2<0-1     or      -3<2-1

draw a number line, plot -2 and -1 or -3 and 1  to prove

Try this. Graph the line x = y+1

If the ordered pair is above this line, meaning x > y+1, then it satisfies the solution.

You can draw the line here http://www.ronblond.com/M10/lineAP. The slope m = 1. Do you have a 45 degree line running from bottom left to top right that crosses the y axis at -1. Anything above this line is the solution.


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2 ways to do it:
1.  Simply check:
     Is  -3<2-1  ?  Yes -3 < 1  so (2, -3)
     Is -2 < -1-1 ? No only equals so (-1, -2)
     does NOT.    D(0, -2)
     Is -1 < 4-1   ?  - Yes -1 < 3 so (4, -1)
     Is -2 < -2-1  NO -2 is bigger than -3 so
     it doesn't answer.
2.  Draw a line y=x-1  Passing through
     (0, -1) (1,0) any y above the line copes
     with that requirement.  
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