An 80s song with a barking dog?

I talked about it with a friend last night, and he doesn't believe me: there was a hit in the 80s with a dog barking all the time,instrad of a person singing. I think the music was a bit like "pop corn". It's ture, right? I'm not imagining? Does anyone know if it's possible to find this song?

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Oh yes, this song exists, you're not imaining things. One of the low points of music in the 80s, IMHO. The name of the song is "Ruff Mix", the artist (ahem) is "Wonder dog". Google it and in the first page of results you'll find a 1-minute audio sample, which I think is more than enough. You'll also find the lyrics


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Yes, there was, I can remember it. I can't help you finding it, I'm afraid.

Cool, thanks paul!

Only monkeys don't fall off trees

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