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After 8 years of break a married couple are trying ...

After 8 years of break a married couple are trying to live together at wife's native town. Husband is suspicious about wife's bad character. This miserable situation started after she was victimized of mentally and physically humiliation under a conspiracy of a characterless co-worker. Situation became more complex when this wicked conveyed a massage to her husband about a false sexual relationship between a another co-worker (myself) and that lady. My wife is schezophrenic petient Relation between me and my wife is broken down after this conspiracy. Now i am in under depression and unable to work along with this lady. Please help both couple to get rid of this situation of intense damage

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It sounds like it might be best if you resigned from your job.  If you do not have the power to have the lying lady fired, then you must resign in order to save your wife any more distress.  If you cannot resign because of finances, then report the situation to the person in charge and have the lying lady reprimanded or fined.  In the meantime, before resigning, if I were you, I'd be searching and interviewing for another job as a back-up plan.

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