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While looking at the video/information of the 770 accounts I knew exactly what they were talking about right away, because it is something I do and it is something I recommend to some of my clients based on their needs and their future plans etc – but I am kind of mad at these companies that are putting those accounts (770) like something mystical or hidden. Like finding a pirates’ treasure that nobody knows – it actually put fears on people’s minds sometimes. They use manipulation of people’s emotions to get their interest etc.

So to answer your question, the “770 accounts” are just “Permanent Life Insurance” with some modifications to it – with special riders that some Mutual Companies offer (not all – you need to be careful) (like Non direct recognition, PUA riders, Dissability, MEC level, etc)

Now, it is not your typical “Permanent life insurance” that you get normally – like with “All State” etc. You would need to talk with somebody that knows how to convert those permanent life insurance policies into a system that will allow you to “stockpile” money unto your own policy without getting into a MEC (modified endowment contract) – otherwise, the policy will lose the TAX-FREE potential.

But when use it correctly, your life insurance policy will work like that documentary you probably saw that presidents, big corporations, banks etc use. It will give you a good competitive interest rate, tax free distributions, it’s secure against creditors (in case they sue you etc), it has guarantees, you have liquidity use and control of your money, it grows tax deferred, it will provide you with disability protection and it will let you use your policy as a “banking system” – which many people call it the Infinite Banking Concept.

I could tell you a lot more about it, but I don’t want you to get too bored. I know that when we normally look at Permanent life insurance, we have taught that life insurance is the worse place to put your money into – that is probably why that video hides the “life Insurance” word and switched it to “770 accounts” – because a lot of people are very close minded – more because a lot of people on TV have said that Whole Life insurance is a bad idea etc. And they are right – if you just get the typical Permanent life insurance… then it doesn’t make any sense.

If any of you need more explanation – maybe go a little deeper, let me know. Also if you have specific questions about it, you are more than welcome to email me.

I am not trying to sell you anything – I don’t know you and we are probably far far away. I am just doing this because I got mad at that company that is using the mystical term of the 770 accounts.

But if you would like to get with somebody that knows about this mutual permanent life insurance with all the riders that will make the policy a “770 account”, let me know – I could probably find somebody that lives in your area that can meet with you and run some specific numbers for you based on your age, needs, etc. Or if you know an insurance guy and he/she wants you to buy a policy with him/her, feel free to give me their information (as far as the company they are using and the illustration they showed you) and I can give you an unbiased opinion if it is a good idea or not.

One final thing: it is real – and what that documentary said about presidents, Walt Disney, JC Penny, all banks, etc… is real. I also have documents that prove it. So it is something I recommend a lot as an adviser.


Edgar I Arceo

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