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What is a 770 account?

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770 Investment Account, The Secret Investment Account and Tax Free Retirement.  It’s being called by many names.  But what exactly is it?  Maybe you know it by a different name?

It’s life insurance of course!  Whole Life Insurance or Permanent Life Insurance to be more specific.   Not Term Life Insurance.

IRS hates it, none taxable income....olo....ooops.....!!!!

It is Permanent Life Insurance - but not your typical Life insurance. It needs some riders from a Mutual Company.  It you just get a typical Permanent Life insurance, you will be VERY disappointed.   You need to talk with somebody that is familiar with this type of account. Otherwise you will have no cash value for the first 5 year or so.   If you need more detail information about it, send me an email edgar@arceofinancial.com - I will explain everything about it.  Blessings! Edgar I Arceo

The 770 Account seems to be about strategies with whole life insurance. I found this article here that goes over this in a fair bit of detail with some videos too http://www.pennymotion.com/investment-articles/770-account-revealed-tax-free-retirement/ . In the videos, they go over the pros and cons from both sides of the argument. Suzie Orman says not to use them and why, while another viewpoint goes over why they would be good. 770 Account Revealed Tax Free Retirement? is the article name.

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