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My 6 year old daughter refuses to learn to go ...

My 6 year old daughter refuses to learn to go potty, and fights me. She never sat on toilet for me, and rewards never work. I let it go, and that didnt work. She was diagnosed with ODD. Im also a single Mom, and wonder if that is part of the problem. She has no physical or any mental delay. I need help on how to make her learn. I also need to know a way she can go without soiling all my furniture, carpet, couch. I cant afford new furniture, and its very stressful. I dont know how to potty train her. Is there programs for this, or people who can train her, since she wont let me. Thanks

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First, she needs a complete physical with her pediatrician, possibly including a workup with a pediatric uroligist.   If she has been diagnosed with ODD, you need to talk to her psychiatrist about this issue.  Going to the bathroom in inappropriate places like on the floor or furniture is a symptom of sexual abuse.  If your child is eligible for Medicaid (Title 19) she may qualify for in-home services, including respite care for you.  Contact your local Social Services office and ask about the Medicaid Waiver.  Good luck.        

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