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What to eat before a 5k, this is my first. I normally do not eat before doing kettlebell training in the morning so I'm not sure I should for this.

what to eat before a 5k, this is my first.  I normally do not eat before doing kettlebell training in the morning so I'm not sure I should for this.

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Before a 5k you should definitely not eat a large Alfredo from olive garden as seen on the office.JK!=)  I just learned about nutrition and energy sources in science and the night before the 5k you should definitely eat a lot of noodles.These are complex carbohydrates that create stored energy for the big race that you are participating in. Right before the race you should eat a piece of fruit such as an apple or an orange due to the fact that these are examples of simple carbohydrates that are burned and turned into readily available energy quickly and efficiently right before the race for a quick pick me up. Eating noodles before the race will cause you to lose energy and have an odd, heavy, sinking feeling that is never good to have during vigorous activity. I really hope that I helped!=) P.S. I am a thirteen year old girl that loves to study the human body and medicine.

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I agree; whole wheat noodles or brown rice would be two good choices. And before you read further, please understand that I not ragging on you. I am simply asking for information, because some of what you posted does not concur with my understanding.

I ran most of my life until the knees went. I currently eat whole wheat noodles before riding a stationary bike. I get my heart rate up to140-160 and keep it there for about 25 minutes. I have never had this odd, heavy sinking feeling that you mention in your post.

The people that I have spoken with about this have agreed on the complex carbohydrate as the food of choice.

I Googled 5K race diet food . The sites presented a variety of opinions; differing sites agreed with both of us bout the food choices..

I am curious about your statement of eating complex carbohydrates the before the race because it creates energy. The digestion of starch begins in the mouth. Digestion is complete within several hours, the job being completed in the small intestine. If the body wants to store sugar, it turns to the products of starch digestion, glucose (or dextrose) and maltose (which is two glucose molecules stuck together) and turns it into glycogen. Glycogen, being a polymer of glucose. (As is starch. They are just put together differently.) Glycogen can be rapidly turned into sugar by the body. Is this what you meant by storing energy? Here is a link to an web site that discusses glycogen I just found. http://www.answers.com/topic/glycogen

A well fed person should have sufficient glycogen stores to exercise 1 to 2 hours. What you eat my not be all that big an issue. The article also said that most of the glcogen stores were depleted after sleeping. So it looks like I was wrong.

Thank you in advance for your time and your reply.


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Thank you so much.  I didn't get an answer last night and probably should of asked way sooner than 12 hrs before my race...!!! but I did have some whole wheat pasta last night with chicken, and this morning at 4:45 I had a small portion of oatmeal.  My race was at 7, it was my first, and I did great!!!  Thank you again!

You are very welcome!:) I am very glad that I could help! Oh, you made a good choice in what you ate. Good job! By the way, not to be mean to Jay in any way, I just wanted to say that the heavy sinking feeling that I mentioned in my earlier answer was not meant to literally say that you are heavy and sinking, rather that you would just feel a bit groggier and less ready before a big race if you ate a bunch of complex carbohydrates right before.

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