Is 5GB for internet on laptop enough?

I just purchased a new Dell Laptop very happy with it but don't understand the 5gb limit for my verizon internet. I don't download music or videos only do typical browsing and map quest directions along with a few times a year send some pictures to family. I understand the fees can be costly if you go over the 5gb limit is there a way to monitor how much I have used? Just doing those things do you think I will go over my limit? Thanks for any advice

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If you don't download media or watch YouTube or other videos, 5GB will likely work just fine.  But if you start downloading music or podcasts, you will likely bump into the limit.  Beware.

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As you mentioned in your post that you dont download much stuff the 5GB limit will be ideal for you!

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You would have to do a lot of posting and receiving of emails to go over the limit.  I have had the same 2 emails accounts ( and for years one is my junk/news letters etc one and the other is my personal hotmail just increased the normal size of the inbox and as it was I have only used a small fraction and I dont delete as often as I should and I had over 75 pages of emails  when you would think that it would be full it still have a huge amount open.   If you are worried just make sure that you delete any unwanted emails right away. 

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For what you have discribed as your surfing habits, i will say that you should be fine with the 5gb limit. Where you run into problems is if you were to do lots of downloading of music, or did lots of digital photo work. Even then it takes a very lot of music to hit a 5gb limit. With what you discribe, you should do fine. I hope this was helpful to you! If so, please rate! Thanks!

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