What can I do with my 5 kids on the weekend?

I have five children under the age of 9, and on Saturdays, when my husband is working, we are stuck in the house because of weather and finances. I want to do stuff together, but there is only one of me and five of them. I would like to find a way to entertain all of them because I don't want them in front of the television or computer all day. Any advice?

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I've been there, with  five kids. My husband worked a lot of long hours and I was a stay home mom. I learn  crocheting, and so did my kids, we kind of learned together, three boys and two girls. I kind of learned first and after school, nights and weekends we all got together and did a lot of crocheing, I have a son 46 years old now, and he and his wife does crouching, he does nice things, and one daughter learned to knit, but I didn't get there. We played board games, cards and domino's, and stay do about one time a week, with the two sons still living near. Rook cardsand Domino's is our special today. My kids loved reading and my husband  had a book stuck in his nose every day. My kids learn to cook and do house work, even the boys are good cooks today. I kept my children at home and kind of opened our doors to their friends. I had to know where my kids was and what they was doing most of the time, 3 out of 5 played base ball at school and the team at church, one child went into music, she enjoyed playing music, and different instuerments, kept her busy. With my kids and friend in the house every day, I had all of them help with cooking, washing dishes and house work. We took in 2 other boys, that was the same age of two of my boys, They got along well, those two boys was treating as our own for about eight year. My being at home with the kids, was the best thing I ever done. Three of my children was in their teens before I took an out side job, and they helped with the two younger one and helped with the house work. We all enjoyed it together. When a kid says "I'm bored."  Say " lets clean this closed, or clean out draws, come I need your help to cook, or help me , and they seen to come back to life thinking their help is so needed. It does work, I've been there.

Friday evenings prepare dinner and you and the children be ready to eat when the husband arrive. After the meal team up and get the kitchen cleaned up then TOGETHER read your scriptures ,listen to music ,snack and go to bed Sat take nature walks or if possible go to the public market ,get ready for Sunday,(do Sun.meal ,get attire together take 30min for self ,then give 30min to your spouse for self,check school children work done or to be done. Sunday make Mondays lunch assign one child to another for asst in small things. I bet this will work. Try it!  

I too have 5 kids and when they come to me with I am bored. I simply tell them to find something that we can all do together. I have 3 girls and 2 boys. Frequently they all play barbies or legos or trucks or petshops together. In our house there are no "girl" or "boy" toys.

When you want an adult inspired activity here are some of the things we have done: 

Movie marathon (we pick a movie series and watch the whole series, popcorn and movie theatre style treats included)

Theme dinner night (for example mexican, chinese, itilian we search online for a recipie we would like to try then we make place mats, pinaiata, desert, the whole shebang (even chopsticks on china night))

we have indoor and outdoor races (inside its who can do thier chore the fastest, outdoors its more like track n field day)

We have a family scrapbook, we all do pages fort he book

I have one daughter that like to write so she writes a "play" and the other 4 are the actors

we have made kits to fly

we write letter to soldiers in Iraq and Afganistan

we take the dogs for walks

we use one of my workout videos (the kids love the dance ones)

we have done trash pick up on the side of the road

we have entered some local races as a family (breast cancer 5K's, MS walks, MD races, etc. that kind of thing a lot of your local races will have kids races too)

When truly bored in the summer we set up lemonade stands in our yard, we also do boy scouts and girl scouts so when they get on my nerves we sit down and work on a badge. Its surprising how many of the projects that can be done together and each sex gets credit for their activity and gets a badge that much sooner.

I hope some of these help. When my kids come whining to me repeatedly that they are bored my stock answer is find something to do or I will find something for you to do (this is when they find a sibling to play with). 

Five, huh? Well you have a good kickball game with a pitcher and 2 on each team...if babies are involved, you could hold the baby "helping" them kick the ball and running with them.The kids would LOVE it and you'd laugh and get outdoors together.Or a used nerf basketball hoop and have everyone play HORSE...you "helping" any babies again.You can get everyone squirt guns and get in swim suits, get out the baby pool and have a beach day in your yard.Kids love to plant gardens,even in pots.Playgrounds are nice esp. if there are skate parks or basketball hoops around for the older kids. Have fun...what did YOU like to do as a kid? Make wash time fun time with a couple balloons or squirt guns,too!

Crafts work great for boys or girls-save pie tins, paper towel and toilet paper rolls, plastic bread bags, old clothes,and stuff from outside-leaves,shells,stones,nuts,etc. Think about making small bins of each w. some glues(according to ages)paints,glitter,twine,tape etc. make it a contest each week that one who wins (the vote of the kids-not you) goes for ice cream by themselves, or a milk shake-some treat w. just hte 2 of you. (make sure its one you also like). Dont worry about the mess- they can share cleanup duties- and all should walk to the library and to the park too-----lots of good family times are free. Save $ by getting a few things every time you go to the store-or dollar store- tie dye tee shirts w. food dye for example. Imagination-make the fun part of what they will do a contest-too-  I have 5 boys-no tv on school nites cept for half hour- reading was great pasttime.

Based on my experience in the dating world, the best thing to do with your 5 kids on the weekend is to get divorced.  Then your HUSBAND will have them every weekend.  He, in turn, will find a girlfriend, who will then be surprised to find that she is expected to babysit the kids every weekend while he plays golf.  Problem solved.  (Well, for everyone except the girlfriend.  Who, one hopes, has experience in day care or teaching and can control 5 kids....)

check out the artful parent. many low cost or no cost crafts and lots of other links to other sites with the same. 

Personally, I would pack a lunch, take them to the park or playground and play ball with them, go walking with them. Do fun stuff, maybe finances is a hindrances, but buy some sandwich meat and enjoy your children. Being stuck in the house is no joy.  And anyway, it's getting warmer and you don't need to worry about coats and boots, put on some flip, flop shoes and go for it. Swimming pools are free for the summer.  And after a full day of fun with the kids, put them to bed and have a relaxing bath for you and sleep well. You deserve it.  And don't forget to keep them in Sunday School on Sundays, You'll like that too, it's fun.  I always enjoy praising God.

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