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I have five children under the age of 9, and on Saturdays, when my husband is working, we are stuck in the house because of weather and finances. I want to do stuff together, but there is only one ...

As a mom of five myself, here are things my kids liked to do:

  • build forts out of furniture and sheets

  • puppet shows where we made the puppets

  • help mom cook ( I would usually pre-cook for the entire week)

  • make decorated cards to send relatives

  • clean the tub (although they thought they were painting the tub walls with colored bubbles while bathing ...)

  • have a dance-a-thon or sing-a-thon

  • with Redbox, you could do a theme $1 movie, maybe a learning-oriented one, and make the whole day about __________ (weather, Italy, etc) including the meal and decorations ... it's in front of TV but at least it's learning

With warmer weather:

  • walk to the park about 4 blocks away, play and have small picnic

  • go to middle school and play on their outdoor basketball court

  • go to high school and walk on their rubber track

  • local museums, especially on free days, kids never even cared how big or great the museum was

  • taking leftover bread and going to the lake to feed the ducks, also watch frogs and turtles and collect leaves or rocks

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