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What is =to 5900 amps

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Amperes are the same as coulombs per second, but that's the only equivalent.  5900 amps is a lot of amps.  That's about 100 times what one house uses.  If you know the resistance, you can calculate the voltage, or vice versa.  If you know the voltage or the resistance, you can calculate the power.

Let's consider
Ohm's First Law: E=I/R
Ohm's Second Law P=I^2/R
E = Electreomotive force (measured in Volts).
I = Inductance (measures in Amperes).
R = Resistance (measured in Ohms).
P = Power (Amperes X Volts meaused in Watts).

For example a power generating station discharges at 500 KV and at peak draw the generating station draws 5,900 Amperes (not an uncommon load).

What is the system line resistance?  [500,000 V / 5,900 A = 84.7457 . . .. O]
What is the total system power?      [500,000 V X 5,900 A = 295 X 10^6 W]


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