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How much is 58 grams gold jewlery and scrap worth at the market price of 920.00 per ounce

What would be a good selling price for 48 grams of 18 k gold, and 8 grams 14 k gold. It is earrings, rings, watch, Please answer ASAP

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It's best you get jewelry appraised by jewelry experts. There are other factors that professional jewelers consider such as the craftsmanship and aesthetic value. I would suggest you get an assessment through a jeweler who buys diamonds and luxury watches. You'll also get a much better price for these than local pawn shops or jewelry shops. If you are in or around NY, try a reputable and professional jeweler to sell gold and diamonds like Fabrikant Fine Diamonds Inc. Their business is on 5th Avenue, and you can also have your assessments done through mail.

gold price for 18k = $32 per gram so 48 gram = $1536 ..... Gold Price Close Today : 1212.00 Change: 12.90 or 1.1% and Gold Silver Ratio Today: 62.81Change: 0.296 or 0.5% The GOLD PRICE currently rose $12.90  my resources is Gold Prices Today

At the Gold Standard of Long Island, NY you will get best price for your gold items. For more information look at www.nygoldcashers.com

At 920 gold you should get $851

Gold today around $1400 you should get $1284

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