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When you deposit money in the bank ...

Nanny has it right. Your money is now the bank's money to lend. You have a claim on the bank's assets, and in ordinary circumstances you will be able to get back the amount you deposited. But the bank's cash reserve is only about 5% of the deposits. If there is a run on the bank, they might ...

Want an insurance….which bank to approach in Singapore?

You didn’t mention what type of insurance you are looking for i.e., personal, car insurance, personal insurance, home insurance, etc. Anyway there is a POSB bank in Singapore which offers different types of insurance plans, you can contact them to discuss this in more detail.

Mark terry hsbc london. Need to know if he is atm manager for hsbc bank

You need to CALL the bank, not by e mail, it can be a scam, and I bet it is.

Domiciled in the United Kingdom. State refers to the USA

Hi Edward: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Updating your personal details