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$500,000.00 prize winner???


My name is Gary Lunsford, I received an email from Chevron/Texaco @1902 Chevron Layout, WUSE Zone 2, Wuse, Abuja, Nigeria, stating that I have won $500,000.00 (verification #CT-222-6747,FGN/P-900-56).  The email was sent by Kenneth Davids, Claims Processing Officer @phone: +234-702-674-2704.  The email requested basic personal information which I provided.

Today I received another email from The Chevron/Texaco Oil Company @ 2 Chevron Drive, Lekki Peninsula, PMB 1282, Lagos Nigeria.  This email states that my check and winners certificate have been cut and I need to select a delivery option to receive my check.  These options range from $200 - $350 charges for shipping, handling, insurance & Vat charges.

While I would love to win $500,000.00 these emails are requesting me to pay these charges as a prize winner which smells wrong and I can't afford to take a chance of sending $200 - $350 for a bogus prize.

The email states I must pick an option within 48 hours or lose the prize which also smells bogus.

Please route this question to the proper person promptly.  I have trusted your company and used your products for a long time and would not like to think it would sponsor a contest which wasn't on the up & up.

My email address is glunsford69@yahoo.com, and cell phone 505-402-3526.

Please let me know ASAP if this is real or bogus.

Thank you for your attention:

Gary L. Lunsford

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Another example of the Nigerian e-mail scam. Don't respond. Do an immediate thorough virus scan of your computer. They've scammed lots of people and the Nigerian government does nothing. DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM! it just encourages them to reel in the suckerfish.

The only foolish question is that which remains unasked.

SCAM!!  Best for you to just forget about this and move on.  If you give them your information, you may be the victum of identity theft.

thanks for the reply. I had the same doubts and contacted the corporate offices.  Am awaiting an answer.  Thanks for the input.

why dose Google allow this to happen?     Here is one i received:

Google Happy New Year Promo             Inbox   X            

Reply to all


Google Promo 2010  
show details 7:46 AM (10 hours ago)  
Your e-mail has emerged as a winner of £ 500,000.00 GBP (five hundred thousand>
pounds) in our ongoing Google Promotion. Your winning details> are: Computer
Generated Profile Numbers (CGPN) :7-22-71-00-66-12,> ticket number:
00869575733664, Serial numbers: / BTD/8070447706/06,> Lucky Numbers : 12-12-23
-35-40-41 (12). Contact Graham Benfield, for more> information through the
contact below:>> Mr Graham Benfield,
Email: info.g.promo2010@gmail.com.


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