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Leftists demand to be hated, otherwise they shall only be forgotten.

One reason that stereotypical leftists always behave abominably is that they have given up on themselves. They cannot be remembered for any accomplishment, therefore they demand ...
  Posted 41 minutes ago .


Dance Tadpole Dance

Cartoon Man makes Tadpole look even dumber than she already is and that's saying something. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  Posted 4 hours ago .


What are the two properties of public goods

what are the two properties of public goods
  Posted 6 hours ago .


Why has aol become very flakey

why has aol become very flakey
  Posted 2 hours ago .


Love is stronger than hate.

Leftists will do any thing they can to reduce you to hating who ever they hate. There is no ridiculous lie they won't tell as long as it is hateful. Only leftists do that, like ...
  Posted 1 month ago .