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I am 44-years old, my period is late and I am having symptoms of pregnancy

I am 44-years old, my period would come every 28 days and last for 7 days faithfully. July 15th was the last day of my period and I haven't seen one since. I am bloated, sore breasts, suffering morning sickness, headaches and having problems sleeping. I have taken several pregnancy tests and all have given me a negative result. When I was pregnant with my daughter the test read negative so a blood test was necessary along with an ultra sound to determine I was pregnant. Could I be pregnant again?

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All signs say yes.  Take into acount that you probablly repeat what happened B4 (with your daughter).  So you have to do some more precise / accurate tests.  Better get a proffesional advice.
Best regards,
Love is the battery of life....

Thank you for responding to my post. I think I am pregnant as well. My cycle was always on time and now I am experiencing all of the symptoms of pregnancy. I will be seeing a doctor Friday for an ultra sound will let you know the results.



It's possible, though negative pregnancy tests are generally accurate.

I would take a blood test to be sure.

Good luck,
Rachel Inbar


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Well it seems to be that you might well be pregnant, as you already know what kind of symptons to expect.....goodluck make sure you do a blood test.

Thank you so much for responding to my post. I visited the doctor and had an ultrasound but there was nothing. I also had a pregnancy test and it came back negative so I am not pregnant. I am however still experiencing the cramping and now my nipples are really sore, but no period. The doctor would like to get me started on hormone treatments and give me medicine to bring my cycle back. Now I am just waiting for my period to come.



Get off the %^# Computer and get to the doctor!  Good luck and congrats.

My period has returned and I cannot be happier. I would like to have another child and feel like I was given another chance. Thanks for all who answered my post. 

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