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What did the 39 lash's on Jesus' back stand for

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Traditional knowledge holds that anything above 40 lashes kill.

39 lashes means they didn't want him to die of the lashings. 

Hay. You think I'm crazy? You should hear the voices in my head. Those people have issues.

Because 40 would kill a person.  They wanted him alive.

One of the guys at Church made one of those whips the Romans used.  That was for Good Friday a few years back.  It was nasty just to look at that cruel thing.  There are seven strings of hard leather about four feet long and each string has a dumbell shape piece of bronze on the end that weighed about two ounces.

Ed wasn't as strong as the Romans that they assigned to flog people, but he put a chunk of leather around a paper drum full of sawdust and let swing so we all could figure out what Jesus took for us.

Before the Romans worked Jesus over that way they punched His lights out in a Round Robin with fist irons.  Just a busted skull from that will kill most people.  Then they flogged Him.

Just the sound of that thing whirring in the air is menacing.  Sort of high A-sharp and then WHAM!  It ripped a chunk of leather off the paper drum and four of the bronze dumbells caught in the drum about three inches deep.  There was sawdust in the drum and it started pouring out a little at a time.  The Romans would have jerked it out hard and kept on going.

Ed didn't hit it again.  He didn't have to.  That is what Jesus took for us 39 times.  Only thing is that Roman was trained how to make it hurt worse and cut deeper.

Any body tough enough to stand that is tougher'n I am.  Ten shots like that would have killed me I guarantee.  Five would have killed you.

Jesus took that 39 times for you and me.  So did Apostle Paul and lots of other folks.  Most folks back then died after five or six hits just like you and I would.  Get your kidneys beat up bad enough and you are gonna buy it in a few days.  That is how 2/3 of the people who got that treatment bought it.

Then if that wasn't enough they crucified Jesus in your place and mine.  So, they make sure of Jesus by running a spear into his side to make sure he was good and dead.  Talk about killing a corpse!  Then they dropped Him off that scaffold head first ten or fifteen feet and that snapped His neck, not that He wasn't already dead three times over.

No body survives that, let me clue you.

So, three days later, they see a rock that must have weighed a ton and a half rolled away from His grave and it was under Roman guard every minute.  Pontius Pilate gave the guards the same treatment Jesus got and they died just during the flogging.

Well, you can't keep a Good Man down.  Jesus showed up and thousands of people saw Him.  Lots of them were Romans and they would have sold their souls to say Jesus was dead.

Well, athests got a bitter streak to 'em and that only proves they are ignorant old bigots but you can't expect much better than that out of 'em.  I'm sticking with Jesus.

Hey, I got no reason to lie and the Bible don't either.

Democrats have always been nasty little bigots. That's why they lie and use tokenism to put people they hate in office. How else do you explain why they elected a Kenyan drunk with tombstone votes only to sideline that drunken sot?

Well more that 39.  Why was that number picked is more the question, wouldn't you say?

all of your choices in life describe you. Keep up with your choices.

The resurrection is bullshit. Obviously.

You all are sloppy on your history.  The 40 less one rule comes from the Law recorded by Moses.  The rod had a 40 stroke limit and so the Jews, in an effort to avoid violating the law, made it 39.  THE ROMANS had no such limitations.  The instrument used was called a flagelate or a scourge. Without describing the instrument or the procedure, suffice to say, it was much more severe than a normal whipping.  The amount and intensity of the beating depended on the disposition of the soldier inflicting the torture. 

In any event, it had nothing to do with the 39 strokes being repeated here and there is nothing to the comment that 40 strokes was fatal.  You are confusing Roman practices with Jewish practices.

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