35 - 40 % kidney function

can somebody get me some info that i can understand? my kidneys are working at only 35% - 40% what does this mean for my life right now?

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I have gotten the same diagnosis and have spent untold hours researching what to take. I did not want to spend the money for Dr. Schulz products but I was praying Lord what should I do and it occured to be even if I went organic for supplements even from health stores I hae no guarantee they are tuly organic or where they come from or how long they sit on shelves in hot warehouses before transport so I decided Dr. Schulz was in a clinic for 30 years has upteem degrees has worked with the best of natural herbalists so I ordered l.a digestive tonic, 2.Formula 2 which is aa bowel cleanser, 3. a Detox, 4.a Detox Tea, 5. His KB formula, 6. Superfood.     The ingredients were all those that I would have wanted to order separately.  You can call them or go online and get a catalogue which will give you a good idea of who he is.  The cost for ovenight shipping etc is l89.00 but I have also a urinary tract infection, high  cholesterol and candida.  After this I will begin to add Probiotics and CoQl0 200 mg, Chromium piccalante for better sugar stuff.  Losing weight.  I am 237lb.  One of the siters on the net said watch your blood pressure, get it down to 130/80, get your LSD under l00 and your Tri under 200, exercise and restrict protein.  Do not despair.  God createrd our bodiers and He can steer uf in the right direction to overcome all the damage we have done primarily thru bd diet.    God bless you.

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