Its been one year and almost two months I don't ...

Its been one year and almost two months I don't know what's going on with me and my girlfriend. Its just not the same no more I'm getting so confused. She's not acting how she use to with me. I feel that there is less hugs, less kisses and the sex its just no the same no more. She's telling me that she don't want us to be about sex only. I feel that the love she have for me once is going away. I need help don't know what to do no more. I keep asking her what's wrong but she tells me that there is not wrong. I don't believe and starting to think she has somebody else.

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If you are feeling like something is not the same then you could very well be right. Once you get used to something being a certain way, it's very easy to know when something is off. I am not sure what more you can do than ask her. But if she is cheating on you or lying to you, she is not going to tell you the truth. Maybe you really need to scare her. Tell her that you don't know if you can be in this relationship anymore. That you don't feel she is really there anymore and that it's to difficult for you. This could really make her tell you what is going on, and if she just says ok, then I think you will know the answer to your question. I know that this is a difficult situation and can really be heartbreaking, but if it turns out that she is cheating or doesn't want to be in the relationship anymore, then it's better for you to be out of it and able to move on.

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