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What to do with my 3 year old daugter

I have a 3 and a Half year old daugther. Since last year I have started getting problems with my daugter, but I could handle it. But now when you disaple her no matter the punishment she turns around and laughs at you. She does not listen to me or her dad, and she use to listen to her granny but now that doesnt even work. The behavour problems I am getting from her is screaming, tantrum, laughing at us when we need to disappline her, no matter what we do she will turn around and show you she will do it regardless. I started her on Eye-Q in the beginning of this week, but it will only start working in 12 weeks and I am fed up and I dont now what to do. I thinking this is ADD?

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no, not ADD, my son is 4 1/2, and it gets crazy sometimes. shes testing. u have to let her know ur boss, not her. stick to the  disapline, dont let up. dont give up! even if its for hours. if she throws a trantrum because u wont give her ice cream, persay, dont give it to her later that day when she stops being bad. cuz then shell know she can get away with it. be sturn.stick to it. im still havin issues with my son. but the laughing has stopped.

Her pediatrician can evaluate her for possible ADD/ADHD, but it's difficult at 3 yrs old. Two other avenues to try are 1 ) Enroll her into a preschool/Head Start program. Sometimes the new people, and structure help with discipline problems.  2) Try joining a parenting support group. Well run groups have all kinds of suggestions and resources.  Your pediatrician may be able to help you in finding both of these options.  Good Luck!

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