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The Exode reveals far more than three things.  Let us review a few of the highlights.

The Hebrews had forgotten God and turned to the sheer foolishness of atheism, cults, and all the criminal racketeering that these obscenities bring.  Before sheer corruption killed off the Hebrews outright, God put them in bondage.  Prison is better than death.  That would have happened if they kept to their folly.

400 years of toil in Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon, made it very clear to the Hebrews that they would have to be worthy of their freedom if they were to retain it.  Once they had that lesson firmly in mind, then it was time to deliver them from bondage.

Once the Hebrews learned enough of the bitterness of slavery (as opposed to outright extinction via criminal corruption) they were ready to take seriously the lessons of statecraft and sovereignty as a nation.  Even so, the generation that was delivered through a quite literal parting of the Red Sea would be unworthy of sovereignty until they learned the last of the lessons they needed to learn: the value of leadership, cohesiveness as a people, and what sort of grim reapers they were up against -- and how to deal with said grim reapers.

The next lesson they had to learn was the sheer clarity and indespensible mandatory requirement for coherent faith.  Without faith we cannot tell what to do, where to go, or when to stay put.  With faith, we have these things clear, well-reasoned, and in full context.

The last lesson to learn was to understand the deceptiveness of an eternal enemy whose bitterness and hypocrisy know no limits.  This fugitive spirit is known as Baal, Satan, or whatever name atheists pick for their pantheon of misfits this week. 

Allowing Satan to deceive us is the most foolish blunder we can make, but atheists seem incapable of anything better.

Learning to think decisively, clearly, rationally, and logically, save us from the miseries of atheism and all the corruption that comes with that sheer folly.

What you do today will be on your conscience tomorrow -- and for the rest of your existence.
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