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Same people here every visit? Government employee's and law enforcment supreme court america, united state stax court

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General inquiry: general inquiry: digital reference center charges 1.50 cents for blanks and more for copy's of material, and film reels. I recieved a answer to question asking about ordering 1 or more than one copy of material. And the answer i recieved was that the library is not a reseller of copyrighted material.Simular answer i receved years ago,maybe the same people answering questions. I need to know when does the owner of the copyright recieve payment for the sale of a book, movie,poem,song, ect.Ordered through the library of congress.If i order someone else's material that the library does not own copyrights to that is a resell.If it is donated material or purchased from the owner of the copyright it is a resell.For profit,and taxable unless all the profit goes to fund governemnt programs with in the library or it's other bulidings. If you charge 1.50 cents for blank tapes and i recored a song on those blank tapes and deposit them in the library collection for sale and 1, million were sold at 10 dollar's our library's profit from blank tapes would be 1,500,000. Blank tapes can be purchased alot cheaper.And then recorded on. People will allways donate and help the library preserve our history. Good and bad events. History belongs to everyone including the people archiving the information. Thanks. There may be errors in some of the words i can correct any spelling errors i am aware that reading e-mails and letters with errors can become difficult. Thanks share this message if you must.

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