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How many 3 to 4 inch fish allowed in a 55 gals tank? marine fish

how many 3 to 4 inch fish allowed in a 55 gals tank?  marine fish

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How many are allowed? Do you think there's a fish tank law or something? I can see it now, "Fish tank police. We've had a report of overcrowding in your fish tank. We must enter your house and count your fish. Don't make any sudden moves, Dirtball."

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How many pumps for a 37 gallon fish tank

You only need 1 pump and filter assembly, the packages will tell you what the set up is capable of handling. It's better to go larger than smaller with the filter.

I have set up my new tank and it has been running ...

depends on alot. under gravel filter? if yes then add all old tand gravel to new tank and all fish can be moved together. the bacteria in the gravel will support everybody. if a power filter, don't clean it, just move it to the new tank. it has good bacteria in it and it will seed the tank ...

Fish tank maintenance

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. I suggest getting the large prebagged carbon from aquaclear. Make sure to rinse the carbon before placing it in your tank. Do a 25% water change every week or so. -Aquarium Cloudy Water

Do i need a cover for my fish tank?

Some fish can jump out very easily. It also protects your fish from other animals if you have cats or something similar. We used to have a cat that would try to get in the little place that was open in the back of the cover on my mom's fish tank.