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After 2years relationship my boyfriend hit me for the first time

My boyfriend hit me. I have been going out with my boyfriend for two years and recently we have decided to move in to a new flat and live together from now on. On Monday when we were moving our suitcases we were in a lift and it broke down - it did not stop on our floor, it went all the way up and then it started to go down and then we presses stop button and it stopped between the ground floor and the first floor. My boy friend is afraid of flying and enclosed spaces so he was frightened when the lift was uncontrollable. He shouted at me told me not to press any buttons and not to try to make it worse and he gave me his mobile so that I could call for help (I left my mobile in a flat and he does not speak the official language of my country). I tried to call emergency number that was written on a noticeboard in a lift but nobody picked up. He had very little credit on his phone, everything was happening very quickly and he was shouting at me (you should always have your phone with you, you are unhelpful and so on) and when I was giving him his phone back I was so stressed that I dropped it and the he picked it up and hit me on the head. He had never hit me before so I was shocked and he started to apologise instantenously. I do not know what to do now. Many people say that if a man hits you once he will hit you again. But he had never done it before it was very unlike him and I do not know if the fact that he is claustrophobic could be a good enough excuse for such behaviour. I was never beaten in any of my previuos relationships and for me it is unacceptable. Should I break up with him or give him another chance?

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That's a tough one. Normally I'd say get out and don't look back because the next time he could kill you. But if he really is claustrophobic he could have been having a major panic attack and may not even have been able to control his actions. You know him best. If you believe it was a one time thing then give him another chance, but only if he agrees to get counseling for his claustrophobia and possible violent tendencies. Agreeing to this will show his sincerity and committment to you, and if he loves you it is the least he can do. And at least one of those sessions should be the both of you talking to the counselor as a couple.

Claustrophobic or not, there is NO reason to hit a woman.  If he does it once, he'll do it again.  Get out of the relationship before it's too late.

This will probably surprise the people here who know me, but I think you should give him another chance. Normally, if a man hit a woman, I'd be right in there saying boot his ass out. But these were not normal circumstances. He may have tried to hide and control it, but he was literally scared to death. Claustrophobia is bad enough. But even people who don't have claustrophobia will freak out completely and lose control of themselves if an elevator gets stuck. Hell, even I would freak out a bit and I'm one of the calmest coolest people there are. Your boyfriend panicked and he wasn't thinking clearly. It doesn't help that he can't speak the language. If he ever strikes you again, then boot his ass out. But this one time was very much an extraordinary circumstance, and I think it's worth forgiveness.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

To make a long story short: 
1.  I believe that he hit you only because he was under
     a panic attack. 
2.  That is not a normal condition. 
3.  But that does not give him any justification to hit you. 
4.  So:  Give him another chance provided that he'll
     learn to control his anger (attend a special class).
5.  ..... and if it happens (or any other sort of anger attack)
     again, dump him immediately !. 

Love is the battery of life....

I have to agree that this guy should be given another chance.  He was not himself during his panic stage, and chances are he will never hit you in any angry way again...however....you may need to demand that he get help for his emotional state, because if you stay together there could be many other situations like this one, and you don't need a partner who will go to pieces when the times get difficult.

I agree that he may have been in a panic and over reacted.  That said, there is no excuse for his behavior.  The two of you need to have an in depth conversation about this and you need to let him know that it's unacceptable under any circumstances.  Tell him that if it ever happens again, the two of you are finished...no ifs, ands, or buts.  Also, as has already been suggested, he needs to address this with someone who can help him to address his fears and control his reactions.

One day I said, 'I will go out & look for my enemies' and on that day I found no friends. The next day I said, 'I will go out & look for my friends' & on that day I found no enemies. ~YeddaHeads~

It wouldn't matter if he was going into cardiac arrest, or a seizure. A gentleman doesn't hit. Bottom line. A real gentleman has self control, and never allows his anger to go unchecked. People become terrified, and irrational, but they don't become violent, when in that mind frame, unless there is another underlying issue. 

I don't know what to tell you, other than...that wasn't normal behavior.

Believe in yourself. You are more than you know...

You needed the pss slapped out of you or he wouldn't have done it. I needed the piss slapped outa me, to late now, I reap what I sowed.

One day I said, 'I will go out & look for the people I Fuked over on yedda, and on that day I found them still here, next day I said, 'I will go out & look for my friends' & on that day I found I had no friends ~BACK FIRED~

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