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2 day old orphan puppies...help!

2 day old orphan puppies diseases...I have 11 puppies that I am bottle feeding.  They didn't get to feed off their mom at all.  They are getting sick.  Their skin is flaky and their feet are swollen and cracked. Has any had this problem?

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I haven't experienced this (I've only bottle fed kittens) but first, have you asked a veterinarian for advice? If not, it's probably a good idea.

Second, there is a product made for kittens called BeneBac. It is a beneficial bacteria in gel form (it comes in a tube) which you give newborn and/or orphaned kittens and it helps their immune system.

You might check to see if they also have a version suitable for puppies. Check with your veterinarian, or look at PetSmart or another big box pet store.

Good luck. 

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o my josh! the poooor puppies!! I have not experianced this but i do have a dog!! anyways u should really try to get them to a vet or aspca quick before it gets worse.

you can also send an e-mail to ASPCA probably and ask them.

http://www.aspca.org/   Good Luck!!

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I would get them help immediately. Take them to the vet and let him help these poor puppies. They are in dire need of emergency help. If you don't plan to keep them,  take them to your local dog pound. May sound cruel, but they have people that know how to treat these kinds of situations. Bless you for trying to fed so many with bottles. Has to be very tiring.

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