'29 Somali MUSLIMS indicted for kidnapping, raping ...

'29 Somali MUSLIMS indicted for kidnapping, raping, and selling underage white girls IN TENNESSEE & OTHER U.S. STATES'     http://barenakedislam.com/2012/04/09/29-somali-muslims-indicted-for-kidnapping-raping-and-selling-underage-white-girls/

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Who get rape more man or woman?

Hi Charlie, ----- Sure women get raped more than men for two main reasons: A). Men are stronger (in feneral). B). Unlike men, most women must involve love in sex. ------- Best regards,

Is it rape if the man penetrates the vagina or anus with his hand or an

penetration is not necessary, attempting to rape is also a major crime. if woman is unwilling a simple touch is considered a crime.

Is Rev. Jeremiah Wright a Muslim?


Sexual Predators A Solution to STOP

I wish that some of these things would happen, it I also get overwhelmed by the number of things that the US government needs to change. The other sad reality is that sexual predators are usually only caught after a rape is committed. I mean, if there were only a way to catch these people before ...