What has been 25 years of laughs,joy,tears,life,and love?

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On July 1,1987 WFAN was born. Sportstalk radio came to be with the very nice and lovely voice of Suzyn Waldman being the first on the air to announce what Ron Guidry and the Yankees had done the night before.Since then WFAN has grown and has been a pioneer for radio,news,and sports coverage in this society.

As a sportsfan I grew up talking about sports and thinking about sports more often than not.However there was no medium like WFAN when I was a teenager.There was Bill Mazer's show on channel five,in New York,on sunday night.There was sports shows on channel two on sunday night.While these shows were good;they were just a half-hour and very incomplete in terms of information and coverage of sporting events.These programs did not get in depth about the events in terms of stragedy and why what happened happened.

I found WFAN one afternoon in 1989 when I started listening to Mike and the Mad Dog(Chris Russo).

Back then their show was from 2pm-7pm.It was during the fall of 1989 and the football Giants were real good so primarily the talk was about the Giants.Even then I could recognize that Mike and the Mad dog had chemistry.They had something special that would grow and last until Aug of 2008 when the mad dog left and is now on satellite radio.

I know about the fights they had in the beginning and sadly I know about the discourse they had at the end.Yet understand something;they were the benchmark.They were the best of the best.Mike and Chris not only talked sports they analyzed sports.They told the listeners truths about sports that was more about the scores and the action of the sporting events.Whether by themselves or together Mike and the Mad Dog were the pulse of the listeners because it came from their hearts.Sports were and still are their passion.Unfortunately the duo broke up and they probably will never be back together for afternoon drive time to talk about sports and life.

WFAN spoke about not only sports but life.The coverage on 9/11 was exceptional.As it has been on Penn State.Stories involving sadness and tragic circumstances.Difficult subjects to hear and talk about.Yet important subjects that could not be ignored.

Don Imus was on yesterday recalling his days at WFAN.I listened to Imus from 1992-2007.Don was tough,smart,and funny.He did so much for SIDS and Autism in terms of awareness and raising monies to combat these conditions that so many children and families suffer from.

I will always remember Don for that more than anything else.Don's humor was legendary from his comments on the Clintons and George Bush.His interviews were insightful from the politicians and the politicial pundits he had to present all views.Imus tried to always be fair and he always was funny.Sadly Imus was released after what occured from the fallout of what he said about the Rutgers womens' basketball team.It was said in jest;yet it was not taken that way.

Les Moonvess had no choice but to fire Don because of the fallout.Don took the station to great heights and he did it when he was ill and not always feeling his best.Listen Don does not need me or anyone to feel sorry for him.He has a fantastic life and is thriving on WABC.Yet the fan has lost something without him there.

Boomer and Craig Carton are wonderful and I enjoy listening to them everyday.Yet the I-man was unique and helped put the station on the map.

Steve Somers("Captain Midnight")has his own style.He has great humor and great monologues.Steve is very insightful.Steve used to be on midnights and would continue until 5am in the morning when Imus would be on the radio.Now Steve is on 6:30 pm and after Met,Net and NJ Devil games.Steve was and still is very much on the pulse with the callers.He has an interaction with the callers few have.

His interaction is wonderful and makes the callers feel or seem as if they are co-piloting the shows with him.As does Richard Neer with his unique perspective and insights as well.Saturday mornings with Richard Neer and good coffee is how I start my weekends and have for many many years.

The team reporting first with Suzyn Waldman with the Yankees and Knicks.Then Sweeney Murtze with the Yankees has been tremendous over the years.Of course Eddie Coleman is a standard of excellence with all Met fans.Remember he had a successful five year run with Dave Sims which was called the Soulman and the Coleman.Now Dave is doing great as a national broadcaster.As is Ian Eagle who is a growing figure in sports broadcasting.

As for today.Joe and Evan are excellent.They have their own take on sports and life.I enjoy their chemistry and they will one day take over for Mike Francesa in drive time when the time is right.Tony Paige is wonderful at night;as is Mark Malusis who is growing as well into a fine sports broadcaster.

Final words. This medium,radio,is the best medium because of the closeness of radio.The FAN has taught me a lot about sports and life.Whether it has been Don Imus,Mike Francesa,Chris Russo,Steve Somers,Boomer and Carton,Joe Beningo,Evan Roberts,or Richard Neer I have learned a lot about sports and life and the experience has been worth while.

Congratulations to the fan.All the past and present hosts.All of the update guys and gals who are the anchors of the fan.It has been excellent.It has been so beautiful.I hope for another 25 years of joy and life on the radio.

Take care and please be well.

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