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23,000,000 That is how many folks are out of work and been that way for the last two years. 23 million people looking for odd jobs to feed their families cause Obatso ran their employers out of the ...

Looks to me like Obatso figured out a way to solve the unemployment problem.  He is gonna get us in a long drawn out nasty war with Iran, just the way Lyndon Johnson did in Vietnam. 

Talk about a fool move that any high school kid could have done better.  That way all the folks that are out of work get drafted or enlist so they can make a little money.  That ain't cause they are good at fighting.

When I was in High School we sat down around a map of Vietnam and little cardboard pieces saying what military units werre on each side.  We could fight it any way we liked but we couldn't use nukes or germs or poison gas. 

We fought that war with Vietnam Vets playing on one side then the other.  Every time America won. 

So, how was Lyndon Johnson so stupid that he couldn't do what we all done when we were fifteen?

Are you Dems gonna tell me Obatso ain't gonna make the same stupid blunders?  I mean his staff done took him out of the game cause he is so stupid but now and then he is gonna get some thing in and that is gonna ruin everything.

Obatso is the dumbest thing on the planet no two ways!  Like they say, you can't cure stupidity.

Tadpole was nasty before but she's getting nastier with worse porn as she goes crazier. I know leftists are bitter and stupid but that's more than decent people are gonna put up with.
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