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2003 duramax battery not charging

I have a 2003 duramax the battery not charging light is now comming on.

i installed a new altenator last week new batterys last week new cluster today

the batterys will not charge, i will get about 2 days with batterys fully charged overnight.  what next?

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Regarding your Duramax battery - makes no difference what brand - I presume this is inan auto. Regardless- batteriesdont work indefinitely so I presumme - auto or otherwise - you have a means of charging the battery. I will presume an auto (car) here. 

If itis in a car (or otherwise) - do you have access to a voltmeter- any kind but one that reads the voltage - not just a  lamp voltage indicator. Needle kind (analog) or Digital (DMM)  - set it so it will read 20 volts or so - but over the voltage rating of the battery (assumed 12 volts here).

Put the tester probes directly onto the battery terminals - dig in - and read the voltage - let's say the battery is fully charged and ready to rock - it should read in the area of 12.0 volts (not important how preciise - jut note where the needle or reading is  -better yet write it down).

Next start the engine - or plug in the charger if not a car. watch the reading - it should rise to a higher value - perhaps to 18 volts and slowly drop -butwhats important is that the voltage shouldbe higher when the charger or engine is running. If so - the alternator/generator is doing its job charging.  I suspect it wont be highter and maybe even lower voltgagte telling you that you are not recharging your battery. I am almost certain this is the problem and hence the alternator circuit in the car is the problem.

2 things involved here - the alternator and regulator - many times 2 different things in a car  (IE Chrysler) or the generator in IE a FM or Ford - the regulator is built into these. You must remove the alternator or generator - take it to a NAPA or other quality parts store - they will usually test it at no charge. If bad - there you go - if not I would swap our the regulator *on the firewall usually of Chryslers.

Summary - higher voltage on the battery terminals means its charging normally


Better do a battery test. There is test equipment that will determine whether your devices are overused or not. Most likely they are for rent

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