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My 2 year old son has super strength and power. How do I get him to not over power kids his age? He attends a daycare where he plays with older kids, but over powers them. He just turned 2 last week ...

    I would suggest  you first explain and demonstrate how "Dad" is so much bigger than he is. How you have learned to be careful not to hurt him or anyone else. Show examples of times you do this and why. Like you, it's something you both work on together and keep in mind. 

   Help your son realize how his actions effect others. All children need to learn to be less compulsive and maintain certain level of care when interacting with others.I'm sure is intention is not to harm or over power his friends. 

   Try working on his softer side. Perhaps allow him to pick out a stuffed animal to care for. Show him how to be gentle so as not to hurt the pet.         Visit a pet shop and show him how gentle he needs to be with an animal and how that makes the animal unafraid and happy to be with him....just let him know ahead of time that it's just a VISIT. Unless you intend to end up with a new pet. Which he is probably too young to handle.

  Good luck and forever enough your little guy.



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