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How to make $1M a year?

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Most people can't come close to $1 million a year.  There are a few dozen basketball players who make that much, but it helps if you are 6 foot 6 to start.  There are baseball players, football players, soccer stars, golfers, but you have to be better than average to make a million.  Many players stay in the minor leagues until they quit.  Backup players in the major leagues may not make a million.

Entertainers can make a million a year, but there are only a few dozen movie stars that make a lot, and a few dozen singers and instrumentalists.  If you can become the next Jay Leno or the next Dr. Phil, you make a lot.  But you may be the next Herbert Khaury or the next William Hung. 

Most writers won't make a million in their lifetime.  But a few like J.K. Rowling have best sellers.

Inventors can make a lot of money, but it often leaves you with nothing more than a garage full of what-nots.  The inventor of the Pet Rock had only brief success.

Attorneys and doctors might make a million, but it's not easy.  For every open-heart surgery there are a lot of people with heartburn.

Your best bet to make $1 million a year is to work for a company that has bonuses or stock options.  Bankers and stockbrokers may get million dollar bonuses.  But bank tellers barely make a living.  You have to get to be a vice president, at least.  The best bonuses come to those who invent a new product or a new way to sell an old product. 

Salesmen can possibly get a million in commissions.  If you are in real estate and can sell $33 million in a year, your 3% commission will do it.  Or maybe you can sell yachts.  But you can starve before you make your first sale.

Stock options - if you can work for a startup company and it makes a hit like Facebook, your stock options may be worth millions.  But if you worked for Solyndra you got nothing.

Answer to your question will not come cheap so prepare to spend money to make money.

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