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Im 19 years old and i am dating a 36 year old man

I am 19yrs old and i am dating a 36 year old man i am not sure if he loves me he says he does, but he talk to a woman he knew before me on the phone she txts him and calls him more than i do, but im feeling hurt because he has to talk to her back. he walks out the room and wont tell her that we are together what should i do? Should i saty with him or think pther wise.

a confused teen

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Hon, you don't give much detail so it's difficult to make a suggestion as to what you should do.

However, I have to say that if he is communicating with another woman AND he refuses to acknowledge you as his partner, it seems you may be his BED partner but nothing more.

Absent any particulars of your relationship, I'm just going to suggest you follow your instincts and listen to what that little voice is telling you.

I suspect it's telling you to call it quits and make a clean break. This man is using you, and I think you know it.

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I agree with the previous answer.  But I also know that it is easy to give advise but harder to follow it.

I know you love this man or you would not be with him.  The question you need to ask yourself is at this early stage of your relationship he is already being dishonest. how can you trust him.  Now everytime he is late coming home or takes a call into another room you will wonder.

You have alot to offer do not let anyone in your life take advantage of you.  What ever you choose I wish you the best.

You are too young to be in this act. You are being used and taken advantage of. Drop him as fast as you can and look for a better relationship. You have so much to lose. At your age you will have so many opportunities to meet someone more honest, giving and loving. Please, don't waste your time.

I was married to a 19 year old when I was in my early 40s. We loved each other and had no problems of the kind you talk about. But it ended, basically because the generation gap was just too large to overcome. Believe me, as much as you love him, it's hard enough to keep a relationship going with that kind of age difference. If he's yearning for an ex, you don't have a chance to make it a lasting relationship. Sorry, but that's just the way it is.

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