I miss the message boards were several people use to give their predictions on the economy and other things. You know so many predictions on the board have come true already. I had even won $200 for predicting the amount of GWB flubs in the second term elections! A US postman that once was our regular carrier is a GWB supporter. He was shocked when he delivered the winning prize to me. The contest was for 3 debates I won all three the guy welched on the third $100 bill. Supposedly the contest had 8 people seven of which were businessmen and some were CEOs! I guessed on paper 5 out of 6 numbers in the NJ lottery an used a combination on the same day  that won me 4 out of 5 for 4 times! Because so many had gotten 5 that day my winnings were reduced but that does not erase the fact that I almost won 6! The fact is NJ had a record that I won, the CEO's and the postman knew I predicted the debate flubs, and I predicted a terrible act in front of politicians accurately. I also had predicted the closing of certain major plants and the economy. A fellow Devry grad owes me $1 dollar for predicting the Persian Gulf war but because he was a Marine Reserve he was scared that if I was right he would of had to go.Well I never heard from him again and that was in February 1990 when we graduated. The prediction was already in my head in the early 1980's!

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